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DroneLogbook Australia is actively working to provide industry specific solutions to help companies better manage their drone operations. We recognise that different industries have different ways of operating and that we as a drone industry software solutions provider need to provide different solutions to address the differing needs of education, public safety, Energy, construction, general commercial and others. As such we have created specially tailored platforms to fit the needs of these industry sectors.

DroneLogbook also offers a Private Label version (White Label) of our platform tailored to the sectors we serve.

DroneLogbook For Commercial
DroneLogbook was created to help commercial UAV operators plan, manage and track their drone flight operations to help maintain regulatory compliance and better manage their business. Our platform provides all the tools needed to support the commercial drone operations. As the industry grows we continue to add new features and integrate with partners to provide a seamless end to end fleet management and compliance solution.
DroneLogbook for Public Safety
This version of Dronelogbook is tailored to meet the technical needs and language of the public safety sector. In addition, it is also priced to reflect the usage patterns and budget requirements of police, fire, EMS and emergency planning departments. Our only requirement to use this site is you must use your official work emails to sign up as it is meant just for 1st Responders.
DroneLogbook for Education
If you are a drone training or educational institution with the need for a plan that allows you to rotate students on and off quickly, then contact us about our education vertical. These plans are a version of our private label platform designed to allow you to bring on students, train them, track their flights and then rotate them off all within a fixed budget. This program is great solution for public and private drone / rpas/ uav training courses, from four year colleges to union retraining programs.
DroneLogbook for Small Business
Dronelogbook has several plans for the small business operator. These plans allow you to scale from managing the basic tasks (such as tracking flights and equipment) needed to manage your operations and maintain compliance all the way to the same feature set used by larger drone operations (mission planning, detailed maintenance reporting). As you grow, DroneLogbook grows with you providing you the only solution you will ever need.
DroneLogbook for Enterprise
For those companies that have more complex UAV operations or require a customized solution, Dronelogbook has your platform. Our Enterprise level platform provides you with all the tools you need, from setting individual permission levels to creating custom risk assessments and checklists. In addition, our growing list of integration partners provides seemless integration between leading drone operations tools.
DroneLogbook for Manufacturers
If you are a drone manufacturer, DroneLogbook can provide you with a private label platform to help you better service your customers. With our customized offering, you can offer your customers an end to end uav fleet management and logbook solution. This platform allows you to interact with your customers throughout the product lifecycle ensuring a great customer experience while providing you with valuable insight regarding your UAV's performance.
Private Label (White Label) Version
DroneLogbook offers a Private Label version of our platform for organizations that require increased operational and administrative flexibility.
The key features of this platform vs the public site are:
  • Ability to Silo users into separate organizations with master oversight. Can also share information between organizations if needed
  • Mission request: ability to have 3rd parties outline flight areas (while keeping your data hidden)
  • Ability to auto notify if events are triggered (flight, operations, compliance, personnel). Things like flight altitude, overdue inspections, pilot currency, etc
  • Custom Forms Templates
  • Configurable platform allowing users to maintain their workflows
  • Customer branding (colors/logo)
  • Private cloud storage infrastructure. On-demand specific region/country hosting available
  • Customizable (Custom programming available to modify platform for a fee)
  • Cheaper than public server at scale
  • This platform is very attractive to those organizations with multiple offices/business lines that have a need to manage scaling operations. In addition, we offer a special version for Public Safety that is modified to accommodate their needs. Special pricing is available for Public Safety, Government and Educational organizations.

    Sectors Currently Using Private Labels:
    Education – Energy – Government – Mining – Media – Public Safety – Agriculture – Asset Owners (Transportation, Telco).


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