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Dronelogbook Australia FAQ

The major points of our Australian drone focused logbbook are answered here. See whate makes DroneLogbook.Australia the leader in industrial drone compliance software.

Data Security
Is my data safe?
All of your data is stored on secure cloud servers and backed up daily.
What do you do with my information?
We do not sell or distribute your personal data, so you will never receive emails from 3rd parties when you sign up with DroneLogbook.Australia. We and/or our partners do however reserve the right analyze anonymized flight data to better serve our users with new features and functionality.
Product Support
How do I upgrade my DroneLogbook.Australia plan?
To upgrade a plan you need to first cancel your existing plan (if on a paid plan). After you have cancelled your current plan we will rebate the prorated balance of your cancelled plan as a credit. You can then upgrade to a new plan. This process also occurs when you add a new user to a plan. This is due to the fact that all users in an organization need to have the same subscription expiration date.
What happens to my data when my subscription expires?
Subscription expiration triggers the loss of access to the plans functionality but no data is lost. When the subscription is renewed full access is restored.
How often are new features added?
New features and functionality are added frequently to DroneLogbook.Australia Our release notes will provide an update of latest upgrades and new features.
Can I contact you with ideas to improve the service?
Yes. We value user input. DroneLogbook.Australia is meant to be a living product with our users providing guidance for new features and functionality. Use the “Contact Us” tab to send us a note.
What makes DroneLogbook.Australia different?
We support log files and telemetry from over 50 suppliers including DJI, Parrot, Autel, Wingtra, Yuneec, Wingcopter, SenseFly, Flyability, Vantage Robotics, 3DR (Pixhawk), DroneDeploy, Pix4d, DroneLink, DroneHarmony, Autopilot (Auto Flight Logic) and many more.
Check out our integration hub for more info about log support or “Contact Us” for more detailed information.

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